Arquitectura y construcción en Jávea

House construction 100 per cent… a week in pictures

The weeks go by at lightning speed. We are at the end of July and the Town Halls of the towns we are working in start implementing timidly the work time restrictions. It is obvious that the Town Halls protect and spoil the tourists who are coming to our towns to rest and that we, the construction companies, have to schedule our works according to these restrictions.

Let´s empathize: pretend a family comes to Javea (or Calpe…) to enjoy their holidays and they spend 2500 euros letting a villa with pool for two weeks. When they arrive there is a backhoe at the parcel of land next to their villa and it is shredding everything, making the villas of half of the condominium tremble. Will they come back next year? I don’t think so. Does this make any sense? None!

And that is how it goes, we are waiting for the tourist to arrive at the parcel next to our works and so they get paralyzed. But meanwhile we work at fast pace.

On Monday we will begin in Altea. We will start to build a magnificent house of the architect Andreas Paul Scherpenbach. We have finished the foundation and we are setting-out the columns. On Tuesday we will finish the setting-out, on Wednesday we will produce the column reinforcements and either on Thursday or on Friday we will build them. As their author said: an artificial tree forest: structural elements that define the future space.


pilares hormigón


On Tuesday we will be focused on Denia, at the Pom Project. For the second consecutive day we are pouring and floating the concrete which will create the indoor continuous floors. We are stressed as the weather conditions complicate the process. To make matter worse, the dwelling is located in an area where the wind gets very strong at midday. This wind can speed up the concrete drying producing superficial fissures. And that is something that must not happen. Finally with patience, experience and knowledge the result has been the expected one. Look at the pictures we took this morning, 4 days after pouring the concrete with the expansion joints already cut.


luzluzThe Light tightens the space

barandaMaking this terrace has been hard for us. We were terrified about the fact, that the wind could ruin all our work

Meanwhile the concrete floor hardened, on Wednesday and Thursday another Project of the architect Paul Scherpenbach, the SCH dwelling, made a huge step forward. This house we are beginning is located in the mountains of Calpe, it has views we have to consider and a peculiar and interesting architecture. The structure is made of a load-bearing wall and a concrete entrance door. Look how it grows:

casa en calpe

And to finish, yesterday, Friday, after revising the columns in Altea and the load-bearing walls in Calpe we went to study the finishes of the Benimuslim Project. We are finishing the outdoor terrace floors with solid wood planks. We were very happy with the work of the assemblers. They are putting the right fastenings on the correct spots. What do you think?

suelo madera

We think it is great!

See you soon


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