Arquitectura y construcción en Jávea

An extraordinary project comes to life, which, with its innovative design, its advanced building techniques and its excellent location close to the sea, has entailed a real challenge for us, the builders

The architect designs a structure made of load-bearing walls of thermal clay and an intermediate slab, located between the ground floor and the first floor, made of a reinforced concrete flagstone supported by the walls, enabling large spans and avoiding intermediate columns in the interior spaces.

The final choice for the roof has been a steel profile structure and wooden exposed beams, covering the inner surface with a wooden tongue and groove joint system, and the outer surface with water repellent boards and mixed roof tiles. It is an elegant, ecological and functional solution.

All the woodworks were made of wood, and the bathroom furniture is worked out of stone and coated with a very thin mortar film made of water, cement and very few sand.

The exterior walls, which outline the garden, are made of carved masonry.

The perfect finish is archived with its spa and a glass edge cascade pool.

Our great internal organization and the good communication with the promoter the engineers and the subcontractors has allowed us to get on with the works without difficulties, meeting the deadline and the required quality.

We feel very proud of the result.