Arquitectura y construcción en Jávea

Structure: the skeleton that supports the ATM dwelling

This week we have finished the ATM dwelling reinforced concrete structure. We are satisfied as we finished the most decisive and interesting element that makes up the construction of a building. We have seen it rise and emerge from out of nowhere, and we have witnessed how it has delimited and ordered the space day by day. Little by little it has started showing us, on a human scale, the proportions, measures and distances which the architect Andreas Paul Scherpenbach transferred from his imagination to the paper. The good work of the formwork operators and the effective monitoring of the project management have done the rest.


Not too long time ago I enjoyed reading an interview with the architect Campo Baeza. He stated that the building structures  had to be very precise and he used Halle Berry as an example. He stated the actress is very well shaped, and that she has a perfect structure underneath her curves because her skeleton is perfect. He skillfully compared a building structure with the human skeleton.


Looking at the structure of the dwelling I am convinced we are facing a true Halle Berry. And the best of all is the fact that we contribute to its creation.


Estructura de pilares en AlteaBehind the pillar you can see Leo, the foreman, going over the plans and pillars once more.

villa en construcción alteaSettled and impressive , the bone structure of the ATM dwelling.

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